Lab Members:

Members of The Advanced Structures Laboratory (ASL) have diverse backgrounds. The multidisciplinarly nature of the research being pursued combines topics typically found in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Classical Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Material Science, and other technical fields.  The ASL also prides itself in it’s diversity welcoming students from under-represented populations.

Lab members fall into several categories:

Open Positions:

The ASL is always looking for talented new members at all levels with backgrounds in:

  • Electronics:
    • Basic circuits
    • Sensor design
    • Micro & nano-fabrication
    • Energy storage
    • Signal analysis.
  • Mechanics:
    • Stress strain relations in 3 dimensions
    • Vibrations
    • Mechanical failure
    • Basic fluid dynamics
  • Soft Skills:
    • Computer literacy is a must. labmembers are expected to regularly use MatLAB and Microsoft Office
    • Hands on experience actually making things is critical!  Simulation alone is not sufficient.