Magazine articles

When time permits, I enjoy writing about science for general audiences. I am a member of Neuwrite and I was a fellow at the Kavli Scientist-Writer workshop. Here are some of my articles:

Mind Your “Fs” and “Vs”: Agriculture May Have Shaped Both Human Jaws and Language. Scientific American (March 2019)

Why Click Speech is Rare. Scientific American (December 2017)

New Simpler Parkinson’s Tests Probe Walking, Talking, Typing. Scientific American  (April 2017)

“R” is for Red: Common Words Share Similar Sounds in Many Languages. Scientific American website (September 2016)

An Auditory Component to Autism. Scientific American. (September 2016)

Language Could Diagnose Parkinson’s, ALS and Schizophrenia before Lab Tests. Scientific American. (February 2016)

How to Rhyme Like a Rapper. Scientific American Mind. (November 2015)

Does an “M” Sound Round to You? Scientific American Mind. (November 2015)

Spanish is Faster than English, But Mandarin is Slow. Scientific American. (April 2012).

Social Clicks: Sounds Associated with African Languages are Common in English. Scientific American (April 2012)