Dr. Nosonovsky’s seminar at University of Nevada – Reno

Between static and dynamic friction
Friday, November 17, 2017 3pm, DMSC-103
Abstract. We will discuss various theories and experimental observations related to the onset of sliding and to ultraslow friction. The transition from stick to slip has many features similar to both phase transitions and mode II crack rupture nucleation. We will discuss what governs the nucleation of frictional rupture and the transition from the stick to slip regimes and how phase transition concepts (such as the critical behavior) as well as concepts from the fracture mechanics can be applied to friction. We will also discuss velocity-dependency of dry friction and effects which can be caused by such dependency. In the case of very small sliding velocity, the limit of small velocity is not necessary identical to the static friction, making the phenomenon similar to the “singular limit” behavior.  

With Prof. Pradeep Menezes: