Surfaces for Water-Related Applications (special issue of the STMP journal)

Announcement of the Journal special issue

Surfaces for Water-Related Applications

Guest Editor

Michael Nosonovsky College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA


Access to a safe supply of water is a human right which is increasingly under threat due to global climate change, population growth and environment contamination. New engineering approaches are needed to solve the current water crisis. The interaction of water with solid surfaces causes a number of important effects ranging from underwater self-cleaning and oleophobicity, to the shark-skin effect, to new types of lubrication. The scope of this special issue includes surface phenomena with the potential for water industry applications such as self-cleaning, anti-fouling, various biomimetic effects, novel approaches to filtration, and other effects of tribology, colloidal and surface chemistry and physics involving liquids interacting with rough solid surfaces.

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Either go to or click on ‘Submit an article’ on the right hand side of this page, and select ‘Special Issue Article’ as the article type, then ‘Surfaces for Water-Related Applications’ from the list of special issues.

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01 January 2017, extensions are considered on request.


Dr Ian Forbes, Publisher,

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