Downloading Multiple Spectra from Website

on request I made it easier for users to download multiple selections from the Download App or the search result list of the Search and View App on the NMR lab website. I implemented the option to use the “SHIFT” key to select a block of consecutive entries.

  •   Click on the first checkbox in the series, then press and hold down the [SHIFT] key, and click the last checkbox in the series, then release the [SHIFT] button.
  •   It is possible for multiple blocks to be selected.
  •   Click the “Reset Selection” button to clear the selection.

There is currently one little bug/annoyance in the setup, and that is if you resort the listing after the page loaded (for example to sort by name instead of by date, you will need to click the “Reset Selection” button before making a block selection, even if there was nothing selected.  Otherwise the results can be unpredictable.

Note that zipping and downloading a large amount of data sets can be slow.  I have not tested how long it takes to zip and download huge amount of data, creating and downloading a several hundered MB or a few GB large file can take a while, and my App is at this point not giving much of time remaining estimates.

Also note, that downloads from the Download App get create a zip archive with the current directory (usually the data set name) at the root level, but downloading from the “Search and View” app will always be with the full directory tree (like /nmr500/data/user/nmr/datasetname/… as the result can contain files from different directory trees.