As Time Goes By in Weather Forecasting: Introduction

This is a top-secret document. By reading this you are accepting the responsibility of silence. Only you and your classmates may speak of this. I can not reveal my identity at this time; for now you can call me Agent Coriolis. I have come to you and your class to ask for help. Much is at stake.

The Society has been working in secret to combat the dangers of poor weather forecasting. We have noticed recently that weather forecasts are being extended into the future more than ever before. In addition to predicting the weather one or two days into the future, five, seven and even 10-day forecasts are being broadcast. The Society suspects that weather forecast accuracy deteriorates as the forecasts are extended more and more into the future. We fear that weather forecasters are becoming too powerful by possibly misleading the public.

The Society is out to educate the public through our sneaky ways of communication. Last year we set up the infrastructure for a secret education project, but the EWFO (Evil Weather Forecasters Organization) got a hold of our last two researchers. I am happy to say that they are almost recovered. The Society is desperate for information and time is of the essence.

We must find out if the accuracy of weather forecasts deteriorates as the forecasts are extended further and further into the future. The Society is willing to pay top dollar for your research. If you are brave enough to accept this secret mission, click on the “Task” button below and receive your instructions. If you choose to wimp out and decline this offer, then click on the “Memory” button and your recollection of our encounter will be erased. The Society thanks you.