ATM SCI 297/497: Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures

The world’s first faculty-led study abroad program in Atmospheric Science

Next offering: January 2025

UW-Milwaukee’s Atmospheric Science program offers the faculty-led study abroad program Mexico: Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures during UWinteriM, the three-week winter break between semesters. Led by Professor Jonathan Kahl, the course is open to both atmospheric science majors and non-majors alike, as well as to students attending other colleges and universities.

Participants in this exciting, long-running program travel to five exotic locations in southern Mexico. We’ll visit pyramids at Teotihuacán (Mexico City), El Tajín (Papantla), Monte Albán (Oaxaca), and in the ancient Mayan jungle city of Palenque. We’ll also visit universities and world-famous museums.

We’re going to these amazing places to study the effects of acid rain on cultural heritage sites. Ancient pyramids and their colorful stucco coverings are easily corroded by acid rain. In Latin America, efforts to protect these historic sites from environmental corrosion are in their early stages. Students will examine firsthand the relationships between meteorology, air pollution, and cultural heritage. Joint activities with Mexican university students increase the value (and fun!) of the experience.

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