Internet Weather Forecasting Activity

Welcome to the Internet Weather Forecasting Activity!

Originally developed for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee introductory meteorology classes, this activity is now used by over 2,000 students throughout North America and abroad. All teachers are welcome to use the activity – it is completely free! For more information, click on one of the Information for Teachers links.

General Instructions (easily adaptable to specific classroom needs):

Students prepare a weather forecast for a specific city each week. The forecast is usually made on the same day each week. The locations for which forecasts are made changes each week. Using the ‘Submit’ page within this web site, forecasts are transmitted to the teacher via email. The forecast consists of the following elements:

  • Maximum temperature*
  • Justification for your maximum temperature forecast
  • Minimum temperature*
  • Justification for your minimum temperature forecast
  • Wind speed at noon
  • Justification for your wind speed forecast
  • Wind direction at noon
  • Justification for your wind direction forecast

*During the period from midnight – 11:59 PM, local time

The forecast must be submitted each week no later than 11:59 PM on the day before the forecast day. The time will be recorded automatically when the forecast is submitted.

Questions or comments? Click here to email Prof. Kahl.