ATM SCI 705: Syllabus

Overview of Air Pollution Models
  1. Meteorological components
  2. Chemical components
  3. Lagrangian and Eulerian models
  4. Verification of model results
The one-dimensional diffusion equation
  1. Eddy diffusivity models
  2. Numerical instability
  3. Numerical methods for solving parabolic, second-order partial differential equations
The one-dimensional advection equation
  1. Numerical pseudodiffusion
  2. Comparison of various numerical methods
Air pollution meteorology
  1. Stability
  2. Boundary-layer turbulence and fluxes
  3. Modeling mean wind and temperature profiles
Lagrangian Modeling Concepts
  1. Estimation of diffusion statistics
  2. Plume and puff models
  3. Statistical models
  4. Monte Carlo particle models
Long-Range Transport
  1. Regional, continental, hemispheric and global-scale air pollution problems
  2. Air trajectory models