Lab Affiliations & Partnerships

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Athletics

Milwaukee, WI
The HPSP Lab provides movement screening and corrective exercise recommendations for the UW-Milwaukee Men’s Basketball and Baseball teams.  Our goal is collaborate with the team’s training staff in order to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and overuse syndromes.

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Laboratory for Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence

Integrative Health Care & Performance Unit
Department of Kinesiology
College of Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Pavilion, Room 375
Milwaukee, WI

The HPSP Lab has a strong and ongoing collaborative research relationship with the Laboratory for Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence (LSPPE).  Our Labs have collaborated on a number of past and current research projects.  This ongoing collaboration resembles the overall Integrated Human Performance research objective of both of our Labs.

Noraxon U.S.A. Inc.

Scottsdale, AZ

The HPSP Lab utilizes Noraxon electromyography (EMG) equipment and software to examine muscle activation patterns, electromechanical delay, and force production for various research projects.

Zephyr Performance Systems

Annapolis, MD

The HPSP Lab utilizes Zephyr Bioharness monitors, straps, and software to examine various physiological measures for a multitude of research projects. This ongoing relationship has been instrumental in the HPSP Lab’s efforts to investigate heart rate variability (HRV) among a wide range of populations.

Black Mountain Products

Lakemoor, IL

The HPSP Lab utilizes exercise equipment from Black Mountain Products to facilitate the corrective exercise interventions employed among firefighter populations.

Henkin Fitness Systems

Scottsdale, AZ

The HPSP Lab is currently collaborating with the developers of the Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System to examine the potential differences in physiological measures of sandbag training compared to other traditional training mechanisms.  We will be specifically examining differences in heart rate, breating rate, skin temperature, and muscle activation patterns.