Meet Our Team

Lab Director

Kyle Ebersole

Kyle T. Ebersole, Ph.D., LAT, ATC, PES, CES

Chair, Integrative Health Care & Performance Unit
Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology
College of Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Office: Pavilion, Room 364
Phone: (414) 229-6717

Research Interests
Injury prevention & rehabilitation; movement screening; neuromuscular physiology & function; autonomic nervous system function & heart rate variability; tactical athletes; and human & sport performance.

Current Students

Rudi Marciniak

Rudi A. Marciniak, M.S., CSCS, TSAC-F

Doctoral Student

Office: Pavilion, Room 375
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Research Interests
Human & sport performance; tactical athlete performance & injury prevention; heart rate variability; and functional movement.


Vanessa J. Kleiss, M.S.
M.S. Kinesiology, 2018

Robert J. Flees, M.S., CSCS
M.S. Kinesiology, 2017

David J. Cornell, Ph.D., D.P.T., CSCS, EP-C
D.P.T., 2018
Ph.D. Health Sciences, 2016
M.S. Kinesiology, 2012

Stacy L. Gnacinski, Ph.D., CSCS, CES
Ph.D. Health Sciences, 2017
M.S. Kinesiology, 2013

Courtney W. Hess, M.S.
M.S. Kinesiology, 2015

Steve B. Gayhart, M.S., CSCS
M.S. Kinesiology, 2014

Josh K. Conlon, M.S., CSCS, CES
M.S. Kinesiology, 2013

Matthew Holt, M.S., SCCC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
M.S. Kinesiology, 2013

Andrew J. Morgan, M.S., CSCS, CES
M.S. Kinesiology, 2013