Aerial ski jumper in flight



The Laboratory for Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to simultaneously gain experience in the academic, research, and applied facets of sport ​and performance psychology. The members of the LSPPE are dedicated to fostering an environment of ongoing education, training, and professional development among students and clients alike.

The mission of the LSPPE at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is to provide cutting edge, evidence-based psychological skills training to optimize the performance and to enhance the well-being of athletes, performing artists, occupational workers, and other performers. Sport and performance psychology consultants are committed to integrating psychological skills training with other aspects of training (i.e., physical, technical, tactical) and working alongside other professionals (i.e., athletic trainers, coaches, dieticians, occupational therapists). Skills that clients and consultants may collaborate to develop include but are not limited to intensity regulation, confidence building, team dynamics, motivation, concentration, injury prevention, as well as injury rehabilitation and return to activity.