Edited Books:

Product Market Structure and Labor Market Discrimination (edited with J. Peoples) 2006.

Paying for Performance: An International Comparison (edited with M. Brown) 2002

Book Chapters:

Elgar Encyclopedia of Labour Studies (edited by Tor Eriksson) 2023.
Chapter 22: “Job Satisfaction”.

Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics (edited by Klaus Zimmermann) 2021.
“Unions, Worker Participation, and Worker Well-being” (with B. Artz).

Spatial Economics Volume 1: Theory (edited by Stefano Colombo) 2020.
Chapter 9: “Optimal Privatization in a Vertical Chain: A Delivered Pricing Model” (with S. Wang and G. Ye).

Public Jobs and Political Agendas: The Public Sector in an Era of Economic Stress (edited by Daniel J. B. Mitchell) 2012.
Chapter 6: “Trends in Compensation of State and Local Government Employees” (with K.A. Bender).

Science and Engineering Careers in the United States: An Analysis of Markets and Employment (edited by R.B. Freeman and D. L. Goroff) 2009.
Chapter 7: “Educational Mismatch among Ph.D.s: Determinants and Consequences” (with K.A. Bender).

Teachers, Performance Pay and Accountability: What Education Should Learn from Other Sectors (edited by Sean Corcoran and Joydeep Roy) 2009.
Chapter 2: “Performance Pay in the US Private Sector: Concepts, Measurement and Trends” (With S.J. Adams).

Book Cover_jpg Picture
Race and Economic Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century (edited by M. Kim) 2007.
Chapter 4: “Black Physicians: Discrimination, Earnings and Job Satisfaction” (with D. Bashaw).

Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations (edited by D. Lewin) 2006.
Chapter 5: “Performance Pay: Determinants and Consequences” (with U. Jirjahn)

The Changing Role of Unions: New Forms of Representation (edited by P. Wunnava) 2004.
Chapter 9: “The Desire for Unionization, HRM Practices and Coworkers: UK Evidence” (with C. Belfield).

Regulatory Reform and Labor Markets (edited by J. Peoples) 1998.
Chapter 7: “Regulated Industries and Measures of Earnings Discrimination”

Book Cover_edited
Public Sector Employment in a Time of Transition (edited by D. Belman, M. Gunderson and D. Hyatt) 1996.
Chapter 4: “The Structure of Compensation in the Public Sector” (with D. Belman).