Working Papers


Recent Press: “Hollywood’s million dollar gender pay gap – revealed” in The Guardian

“The Impact of Employment Protection on the Industrial Wage Structure,” (with M. O’Mahony, W. S. Siebert and A. Rincon-Aznar). (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 117898)

“Flexible Work Organization and Employer Provided Training: Evidence from German Linked Employer-Employee Data,” (with A. Campaner and U. Jirjahn). (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 11696)

“Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany,” (with U. Jirjahn and A. Pfister). (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 11054)

“The German Labor Market for Older Workers in Comparative Perspective,” (with U. Jirjahn). (University of Trier, Research Papers in Economics, No. 2/15)

“How to License a Transport Innovation,” (with Z. Wang). (UWM Working Paper, July 2014)

“The Consequences of a Piece Rate on Quantity and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment; (with W.S. Siebert and X. Wei). (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 7660)

“Educational Mismatch among Ph.D.s: Determinants and Consequences.” (with K. Bender). (NBER Working Paper No. 12693)

“Understanding the Labour Market for Older Workers.” (with W.S. Siebert). (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 4033)


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