Academic Profile

John S. Heywood is Distinguished Professor of Economics and Director of the Graduate Program in Human Resources and Labor Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. An expert in the economics of personnel, he has held appointments in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. His research examines performance pay, earnings discrimination, the labor market for older workers, the determinants and consequences of family friendly firm practices, public sector labor markets and the economics of trade unions. He recently completed seven years as the Chief Editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations.

He has consulted for national government agencies, the World Bank, major corporations, foundations and trade unions. The author of more than 150 articles, his research appears in the Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Health Economics and Journal of Public Economics.

Professor Heywood also maintains an active research agenda in industrial organization studying the theory of optimal licensing, mergers and mixed oligopolies. This work has been published in the Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization and the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy among others.

As an award winning teacher, Heywood has taught twenty different economics classes across all levels and remains most proud of his students and their successes in business, academia and government.