The Frick Lab houses some of the department’s most state-of-the-art instruments for high throughput screening and analytical chemistry and molecular cell biology.
Please contact me anytime if you need access to any of the following instruments:
Eppendorf  epMotion Automated Liquid Handling System

Image result for Mastercycler ep Realplex
Mastercycler ep Realplex Quantitative Realtime PCR System

  • 96-well capacity
  • 4 color LEDs- monitor 4 wavelengths at once
  • Mease melting temperatures for proteins and DNA
  • Differential scanning fluorimetry (the thermofluor assay)
  • Manual

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BMG FLUOstar Omega multimode reader 

  • Filter-based (high sensitivity)
  • 96 Well or 384-well plates
  • Temperature control
  • Fluorescence intensity
  • Fluorescence polarization
  • Time-resolved fluorescence (TRF)
  • AlphaSreeen
  • Dual on-board dispensers for exact follow-up of kinetic reactions

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Cary50 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

TA Instruments NanoITC

TA Instruments NanoDSC

Image result for Bio Rad BioLogic LP System
Bio Rad BioLogic LP System 

  • Low Pressure Chromatography System
  • Simple to use
  • Gradient Mixer
  • 5-Buffer selection
  • UV and conductivity detectors

GE AKTApurifier UPC 10

  • Model P-903 system pump with four pump heads in two pump modules.
    • Model M-925 mixer with 0.6 ml chamber for precision gradient formation.
    • Model UPC-900 UV/pH/conductivity monitor with fixed wavelength detection
    • and conductivity flow cell

Image result for FluorChem FC2 imaging system
FluorChem FC2 imaging system

  • Protein Gels
  • DNA Gels
  • Western Blots (Chemiluminescence)
  • User Guide

Invertoskop (Axiovert) 40C Zeiss Microscope

EVOS® FL Cell Imaging System

  • 4X, 10X, and 40X objectives
  • DAPI fluorescence light cube
  • GFP fluorescence light cube
  • RFP fluorescence light cube
  • Quick Start GuideUser Guide