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Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Papers with the Brancale Lab (Cardiff, UK)

Paper with Paola Provazzi (São Paulo, Brazil)

Papers with the Barreca and Kaushik-Basu labs

Paper with the Dey lab (UWM)

Paper with the Bolognesi Lab (Milano, Italy)

Paper with the Schiffer Lab (UMASS Medical School)

Frick Lab Research (NYMC)

Paper with the Timm Lab (Germany)

Papers with Pharmasett Inc.

Paper with the Strossberg Lab (Scripps Florida)

Paper with the Chung Lab (Mass General Hospital )

Papers with the Lee Lab (New York Medical College)

Papers with the Richardson Lab (Harvard Medical School)

Papers with the Ellenberger Lab (Harvard Medical School)

Papers with the Mildvan Lab (Johns Hopkins)

Papers with the Bessman Lab (Johns Hopkins)