Bibliographical Note

As is the case with any effort to compile a categorized bibliography, there will be inherent inconsistencies in the listing of particular references within the various sections. The multidimensional aspects of any one source will often make its contributions relevant to more than one category of study. I am confident that I am guilty of these same inconsistencies here. I have attempted to designate a rather broad set of categories. In many cases, sources are appropriate to more than one category; in such cases the reference is repeated. To aid the researcher in ‘dissecting’ my bibliography, a brief explanation of the content accompanies each heading. There is also a section at the end which lists scholarly reviews of volumes that may be of interest to those studying Cypriote sculpture. Since this is designed to be a ‘work-in-progress’ in perpetuum, please feel free to email me with any additions (or corrections) to the listings.

*Unless otherwise noted, journal abbreviations follow the guidelines established in the American Journal of Archaeology 104 (2000), 3-24, also located at AJA Abbreviations.