Membership Details

CARGI Membership Details

  Full Member Associate Member Affiliate Member
Membership Eligibility
Must be in a utility related industry  Yes Yes No
Committee Eligibility
Executive Committee  Yes Yes No
Industrial Advising Committee  Yes Yes Yes (non- voting)
Additional Advantages
Submit Research Project suggestions to CARGI  Yes Yes No
Discounted enrollment rate for CARGI conference/seminars/workshops Yes Yes No
Physical copies of each CARGI copyrighted research publications during the membership year Yes Yes Yes
Annual report summarizing research accomplishments, use of funds, and upcoming activities Yes Yes Yes
Advice related to application of CARGI research results Yes Yes Yes
 Facilitated access to UWM students for internships Yes Yes Yes
 Member’s employees eligible to participate in the “Engineer in Residence” program at CARGI Yes Yes No
Company’s name listed on CARGI website Yes  Yes  Yes
Company’s name listed in CARGI research publications Yes  Yes  Yes