Nanoscale Characterization

Surface Area and Porosimetry Measurements (BET)

  Micromiritics ASAP 2020

  • Measures surface area and pore size of powders using single or multi-point BET and DFT analysis.
  • Full BHJ adsorption/desorption isothermal plots measured from <0.01 to 0.99(P/Po).
  • N2 (other gasses as needed) gas BET surface area, T-plot micropore area, BJH surface pore area, single point total pore volume, and T-plot micropore volume.

Particle Size Distribution/Zeta Potential

 Brookhaven Instruments Corp.
 90 plus/BI-MAS

  • Measurement of particle and agglomeration size in liquid suspensions (3-3000nm)  Dynamic light scattering at 15° or 90° angles.
  • Temperature range: 5-75°C

  Brookhaven Instruments Corp.

  • Surface zeta potential measurement and electrophoretic mobility of particles suspended in liquids.
  • Temperature range: 5-75°C