Additional University Resources

In addition to the instrumentation located at the Advanced Analysis Facility, several additional resources are available within the College of Engineering & Applied Science.  These additional resources list below are departmental assets and/or overseen by individual faculty members and their research labs.  Often, faculty members allow others from either the UW-University system or industry to obtain data with their instruments.

Main point of contact for these additional university resources is best made directly through the UWM Advanced Analysis Facility.

Reservation time and training time for a particular instrument can be coordinated with AAF staff.

Resources available within the College of Engineering & Applied Science:

Materials Science & Engineering Department:

  • Instron universal tensile test frame
  • Metal heat treating and gas reaction furnaces
  • Zeiss metallographic inverted optical microscope lab
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Metal casting & casting computation facilities

Mechanical Engineering Department:

  • TBA

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department:

  • TBA

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department:

  • TBA

Computer Science Department:

  • TBA

Electrical Engineering Department:

  • TBA

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