Mechanical Analysis

Nanoindentation and Scratch

  Nanoindenter G200  (KLA/Agilent)

  • Modulus and hardness measurements of metals, glasses, and polymers at depth from 100nm – 3µm.
  • Surface profiles, critical load, film de-lamination, and estimate of plastic deformation.
  • Continuous stiffness (CSM) mode for high precision measurements.

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

  TA Instruments Q800

  • Glass transition temperatures
  •  Visco-elastic properties of solids
  • Creep/stress relaxation
  • Cyclic loading (fatigue)
  • Variation of elastic modulus, loss modulus, and tanδ
  • 3-point bending fixture
  • film tension fixture
  • single/dual cantilever fixture
  • Sample chamber temperature control:  -150°C to 600°C
    • Heating rate: 0.1-20°C/min
    • Cooling rate: 0.1-10°C/min
  • Multi-frequency (0.01-200Hz)