Graduate Students

The Visuomotor Laboratory welcomes graduate students at the masters or doctoral levels. Interested students will have a unique opportunity to collaborate with other graduate students within and outside the department. Coursework typically consists of taking some elective classes at the Medical College of Wisconsin or Marquette University, allowing for further opportunities to work with a large range of students with diverse backgrounds.

In the Visuomotor Laboratory, graduate students will:

  1. conduct research with a wide variety of participants and tools, including psychophysics and functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2. participate in various journal clubs across campus and the Greater Milwaukee area
  3. qualify for funded opportunities to present their science at local, regional, national or international conferences
  4. be assigned dedicated work spaces (full-time students only)
  5. actively participate in professional development, as desired, to support experience in teaching and general requirements of an academic position
  6. assist and actively engage in grant, abstract, and manuscript writing
  7. develop their own lines of inquiry

Interested students can enter the Visuomotor Laboratory through the following academic programs:

Where are our graduates now?

Undergraduate Students

As student researchers, undergraduate students can work in the lab as a volunteer, as a student earning independent study credit, or as funded through the Office of Undergraduate Research SURF program. Students must first either volunteer or participate for credit before being sponsored for a SURF grant. No special skills are required to work in the lab as all skills will be taught in lab. Students will work closely with the Lab Director, graduate students, and other undergraduate students to:

  1. learn and apply the scientific method
  2. collect and analyze psychophysical data
  3. learn how to interpret data
  4. assist with the analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging data
  5. participate in lab meetings
  6. present findings at local, regional, national or international conferences; some of which focus on undergraduate research
  7. assist in the writing of first drafts of small grants or abstracts

Where do undergraduate students go upon graduation?

  • Professional health care careers such as medical technology, cytotechnology, and sonography
  • Medical school
  • Graduate school
  • Physical Therapy school
  • Pharmacy school