Behavioral Experiments

All behavioral experiments are performed in the Visuomotor Laboratory located in Pavilion 359 on the UWM campus for arm or eye studies, or in the Performance and Injury Center (PIC) located in the NWQ G459 for studies involving the lower limb. The lab has a psychophysics rig with an Applied Science Laboratories bright pupil eye-tracking system and 37” plasma display. We also have an Ascension flock of mini-birds for quantifying arm movements with a rear projection system. In the PIC, we have a 14’ GaitRite Pressure Sensing Mat, treadmill, and access to portable eye tracking equipment. Software used in the lab includes:

  • Presentation
  • Eyenal
  • Matlab
  • Adobe
  • LabVIEW

Functional Imaging Experiments

All functional imaging experiments are performed at state-of-the-art facilities the Medical College of Wisconsin / Froedtert Hospital Pavilion through the Center for Imaging Research, including MEG and high-field MRI. We have an eye tracking system in the scanner to collect eye movement (saccade) data while brain images are collected. Directions to the scanner can be found here (google map of the location of MCW Pavilion). Software used in the analysis of MRI data include:

  • AFNI
  • Freesurfer
  • FSL
  • Matlab