SRM Submergent Nozzle Particle Breakup Analysis

Nicholas Gilhaus, “SRM Submergent Nozzle Particle Breakup Analysis” Mentor: Ryoichi Amano, Mechanical Engineering Poster #54 Solid rocket motors primarily use aluminized composite propellants as fuel. As the propellant combusts, it forms aluminum oxide (Al3O3). At high temperatures and pressures, the…… Read More

STARS@UWM: The Search for Pulsars

Herbert De Leon, Sparrow Roch, Claire Bolda, Telemachos Agoudemos, Ben Lorenz, Nick Gilhaus, Nathaniel Valentine, Sky Majerus, Melissa Gleiter, and Lucas Patron, “STARS@UWM: The Search for Pulsars” Mentors: David Kaplan and Sarah Vigeland, Physics Poster #149 Pulsars are a type…… Read More