The Importance of Green Buildings and Renewable Energy

Andres Velazquez, “The Importance of Green Buildings and Renewable Energy”
Mentor: James Wasley, Architecture
Oral Presentation Block 2

Green energy is a very important topic in today’s world. With the continuing change in our planet’s atmosphere and temperature, we as a society need to strive for renewable energy. As an architecture student, it is important to know that buildings take into account most of the carbon emission that harm the environment. All that means is that we have a huge opportunity to make a significant change in the way we design buildings in order to reduce those harmful emissions. What I have been working on with professor James Wasley is extensive research on green energy around the world. It began with an interest in German buildings that showed the use of “passive house” and zero-net energy. Then, as the list of buildings grew larger and larger, I wanted to broaden my research. So, I looked into neighboring countries of Germany such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the U.S., etc. This allowed me to learn so much more about green buildings and I was able to gain a great amount of knowledge about zero-net energy and various renewable energy resources. With all of this information, I have been putting together pages of photos, numbers, and information about these buildings into database of my own. This will be very useful not only now, but in my future career as I attempt to bring this knowledge into future jobs and hopefully promote the idea of green buildings into the field of architecture.