Crime Mapping Theft in Milwaukee

Alexandria Garczynski, “Crime Mapping Theft in Milwaukee”
Mentor: Theodore Lentz, Criminal Justice
Poster #53

People should care about crime in their community, it is where work, living, and learning combine into one. Crime is everywhere, and yet there are always small pockets of crime in concentrated areas. When analyzing crime such as this, it can help inform crime prevention efforts. Reducing crime is always a priority. Theft is an ongoing issue in Milwaukee, it has increased 19% between 2020 and 2021. Crime mapping is a useful tool to understand where and when crime is happening, by laying it out on a map. Environmental criminology plays a big role in understanding why crime is happening in concentrated areas. Research using crime mapping data from the Milwaukee Police Department will give accurate results to identify trends and patterns in theft, thus identifying crime risk factors and help develop a prevention plan. Data is collected by the police and entered into the database so that people can see where crime is happening, what type of crime, and what time it is happening. The anticipated conclusion of this research project is to identify and develop crime prevention strategies that are developed by crime research.