An Archaeological Survey at the UWM-Waukesha Field Station

David Shaw, “An Archaeological Survey at the UWM-Waukesha Field Station”
Mentor: Gregg Jamison, Social Sciences and Business
Poster #123

This research focuses on a preliminary archaeological survey within a small portion of the 98-acre UWM-Waukesha Field Station. The objective was to learn archaeological survey methods and search for cultural resources and artifacts on the property. Using standard archaeological methods including mapping, pedestrian survey, and shovel testing, explorations were undertaken in four areas, resulting in the identification of two new archaeological sites. Subsequent laboratory analyses of recovered artifacts indicate the presence of at least two prehistoric and one historic cultural horizons at the Field Station, suggesting a long history of human land use at the Field Station. Through this research I have gained first-hand archaeological research experience and field method skills that will help me as I continue to pursue a degree and career in anthropology. Based on the results of our research, we recommend further archaeological investigations at the Field Station in collaboration with UW-Milwaukee and indigenous communities to learn how significant the cultural landscapes on the property are and to ensure these valuable archaeological resources are protected for the future.