Synchronous Presentation Schedule

SERA Student Presentations
Moderated by Kyla Esguerra

1:00pm – Jocelyn Jarvis, “Association Between Perceived and Objective Neighborhood Safety on Behavioral Inhibition Among Youth
Mentors: Krista Lisdahl and Ryan Sullivan, Psychology 

1:15pm – Sofia Mattson, “Effects of Differentially Conditioned Stimuli on Working Memory Processes
Mentor: Christine Larson, Psychology 

1:30pm – Louis Chapman, “Modified Material for Removal of Ammonia from Water
Mentor: Marica Silva, Global Water Center 

2:00pm -Ismael Coello Ramirez, “Decoking Performance of Alumina Forming Alloys
Mentors: Benjamin Church and Lizeth Ortiz, Materials Science & Engineering

2:15pm – Anna Kaminski, “A Modern 3-Year Climatology of North Atlantic and Western North Pacific Extratropical Cyclones
Mentor: Clark Evans, Atmospheric Science

2:30pm – Noah Wolfe, “Using Inductive Generalization Principles in the Mathematics Classroom
Mentor: Chris Lawson, Educational Psychology

2:45pm – Paul Newcomb, “Community Archiving and Safety Concerns in Documenting Social Activism
Mentor: Rachel Buff, History 

Oral Presentations – Block 1 
Moderated by Tamara Long

1:00pm – Taylor Wilcox, “Development of New Treatments for Neuropathic Pain Based on Imidazodiazepines”
Mentor: Alexander Arnold, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1:15pm – Leticia Cortes and Kintressa Gosz, Navigating Spaces in Higher Ed: Collaborating for Inclusion of Underrepresented Voices in Teacher Ed 
Mentors: Elizabeth Rollins and Leanne Evans, Teaching & Learning

1:30pm – Stephen Drena, The Influence of Monsoon Season on Buddhist Monasticism 
Mentors: Nigel Rothfels and David Divalerio, History

1:45pm – Humza Siddiqi and Nou Thao, “Developing Protocols to Histologically Assess Murine Bones”
Mentor: Priyatha Premnath, Biomedical Engineering

Oral Presentations – Block 2 
Moderated by Danielle Hobach

1:00pm – Erik Hansen and Kaveri Salunke, Self-Healing Biocompatible Materials and Applications 
Mentor: Pradeep Rohatgi, Materials Science & Engineering

1:15pm – Manav Menon, Microfabrication of LOC Device Utilizing Micro Pump and Micro Valve Flow Mechanisms 
Mentors: Marcia Silva and Alice Lecus, Global Water Center

1:30pm – Alina Urbansky, Methods on the Extraction and Adsorption of PFAS 
Mentors: Yin Wang and Yanan Zhao, Civil & Environmental Engineering

1:45pm – Sparrow Roch, Geodetic Precession and Pulse Profile Changes Over Time of The Hulse-Taylor Binary Pulsar
Mentors: Joe Swiggum and David Kaplan, Physics

2:00pm – Cing Kiim, “Functions of the Diverse Antimicrobial Compounds Produced by Xenorhabdus szentirmaii”
Mentor: Steven Forst, Biological Sciences

 Oral Presentations – Block 3 
Moderated by Jessica Schuld

2:00pm – Larsen Birdsong, The Development of a Beta-Sheet Mimic 
Mentors: Alan Schwabacher and Trevor Hagemann, Chemistry & Biochemistry

2:15pm – Autumn Routson, “From Life to Fossil: Horseshoe Crabs and the Preservation of Their Fluorescence
Mentor: Victoria Mccoy, Geosciences

2:30pm – Brandon Schultz, Impact of Low Concentrations of Ciprofloxacin on Mutation Rates in the Genus Aeromonas 
Mentor: Troy Skwor, Biomedical Sciences

2:45pm – Nate Tennies, Where will it Grow? Bull Kelp Distribution Modeling in the Salish Sea 
Mentor: Filipe Alberto, Biological Sciences

Oral Presentations – Block 4 
Moderated by Nigel Rothfels

2:00pm – Matida Bojang, Racial/Ethnic Disparities in NICU Utilization/Outcomes and the Potential Effects of Community and Hospital/NICU Segregation in Wisconsin 
Mentor: Emmanuel Ngui, Public Health

2:15pm – Sanya Kathuria, Effect of 670 nm Photobiomodulation on Retinal Function and Energy Metabolism in Aging Mice 
Mentor: Elizabeth Liedhegner, Biomedical Sciences

2:30pm – Michael Levandoski, Healing Men to Reduce Re-Offending: Trauma Resolution Treatment in Prisoner Reentry Programs
Mentor: James Topitzes, Social Work

2:45pm – Benjamin Delebreau, “A Mathematical Model of Liposome-Mediated Drug Delivery in Brain Blood Vessel Networks”
Mentor: Peter Hinow, Mathematical Sciences