Transportation and Parking

Transportation from Mitchell International Airport to UWM:

According to online estimators, a ride from the airport to Sandburg Residence Halls is
approximately $40 by taxi, $28 by Uber; and $23 by Lyft. Another good (inexpensive) option is
the local bus system. It takes longer (50 minutes versus 25 by car) and requires a 0.4 mile walk after getting off the bus; no transfers are necessary. Cost is $2.25 with exact change recommended. The bus leaves at approximate 15 minute intervals at all hours outside Baggage Claim #1. It is part of the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS); the route is the GreenLine. You will want to get off at the corner of Oakland and Hartford Avenues and walk directly east, watching for the four large towers on your left, which make up Sandburg Residence Halls. A detailed bus schedule can be found here.

Parking at the EMS (Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) Building:

If you will be commuting from off campus each day, you will want to park near the EMS
Building. The best options are: the Cunningham outdoor lot on the corner of Hampshire and
Hartford Avenues; or the parking structure under the EMS Building (entrance on Hampshire
Avenue). Cunningham is the cheaper option. If you have the ParkMobile app on your phone,
you can use it to pay for parking in these lots. Codes can be found at the pay stations.
Otherwise you can use a credit card at the pay stations. Cunningham pay stations are at the
edges of that lot; an EMS pay station is just outside the elevators.

Parking at Sandburg Residence Halls:

If you are staying at Sandburg Halls, you will probably want to leave your car there except for
occasional excursions. The entrance to the Sandburg Hall parking structure is on Maryland
Avenue. Daily (midnight to midnight) permits can be purchased online for $7 using the link
below. If you prefer to wait until check-in, the people at Sandburg can help with the online
purchase. If you want to avoid online purchases, you can pay for 24 hour parking at the pay
stations or using the ParkMobile app, but that cost is $12/day.
For online purchases, click here.