Funding Sources


Research Thrust Areas

Understanding the biology of bone healing

Bone development and regeneration has been a topic of research for several decades. Yet, not all cellular, molecular pathways have been delineated. This has hampered the discovery of novel targets that can lead to translational clinical therapies. This is especially a problem considering the aging global population. Our lab is interested in how cell cycle contributes to bone development and healing.

Tissue engineering and regeneration

Tissue engineering marries principles of materials and cell transplantation to develop and/or regenerate tissues. We are working towards developing novel biomaterials that can mimic the in vivo bone regeneration process both biologically and mechanically.

Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Stem cells have the potential to repair, replace, and restore various tissues. To fully harness their potential, it is essential we understand how they behave in vivo. We are interested in applying mesenchymal and induced pluripotent stem cells to improve regeneration of bone after injury.