Premnath Lab Team 2023

Changing the World

Welcome to Premnath Lab! We are a group of engineers, chemists, and biologists aiming to create innovative solutions in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The combination of biomaterials, genetic engineering and pharmaceuticals allows us to develop technologies that can help regenerate damaged tissues. Our lab is interested in understanding fundamental biological mechanisms that can help guide the fabrication of biomaterials that can precisely target cellular and molecular processes. We use a wide array of processes and equipment ranging from biomaterials development and characterization, cellular and molecular assays, computed tomography (CT) scanning and image processing and various animal models.

Premnath Lab

The Premnath Lab, directed by Dr. Priyatha Premnath, Biomedical Engineering, investigates the biology/mechanobiology of fracture healing, develops novel modalities to improve and enhance bone healing for patient populations where bone healing is hampered.


More than 6.8 million fractures are treated every year in the US alone. While most fractures can heal well, complex fractures, fractures in older individuals or fractures that occur individuals with diseases such as osteoporosis result in diminished healing. We aim to improve healing in these populations by combining principles of engineering, material science and biology.

Research Highlights

  • Bone healing and regeneration
  • Biomaterials, tissue engineering and regeneration
  • Bone fracture models
  • Imaging and analysis of bone and soft tissue

Join Our Team!

If you are interested in our work, feel free to contact us to learn more, or even better, join our team. Graduate students and postdocs with a strong background in biomaterials, cell and molecular biology and/or bioengineering are especially encouraged to apply. If you are in an undergrad looking to start your research journey, contact Dr. Premnath to ask about openings.