Portuguese 360

Spring 2022: Understanding Brazil through Film

The current selection of podcasts is the creative result of the research and production developed by the Portuguese 360 students during the Spring 2022 semester. These podcasts are focused on exploring different dimensions of the

Brazilian film and television landscape. It presents different perspectives on film and television as means of reflecting on Brazilian social structure, social dynamics, social institutions, cultures, multiple ethnicities, collective memory, and both colonial and post-colonial history. Students-authors analyzed different works about gender, native populations, race, ethnicity, music, filmmaking, urban and rural poverty and inequality, popular culture, police brutality, and other contemporary themes that characterize Brazilian history and society.



Description: An analysis of the Weird Western Brazilian film Bacurau and its sociopolitical commentary.

Group Members: Alma Martinez

The Circle Brazil – A Social Experiment

Description: The Circle Brazil highlights the social sleight-of-hand that disguises the realities of Brazilian racial inequity through a popularity contest in which players create a profile and interact ONLY on a social media platform. The goal is to win by being the most liked – but the question is… when you can be anybody, a catfish, a real person, or someone in between… who would YOU choose?!

Group Members: Belinda Dorn

John of God

Description: A podcast discussing the unique spiritually healer John of God and explores healthcare and spirituality in Brazil.

Group Members: Daniela Steiner

A Fine Line: Democracy in Brazil and the U.S. through Film

Description: Discussion of how cinema illustrates the weakening of democracy through the influence of large corporations in Brazil and the U.S.

Group Members: Halle Berres


Description: This Brazilian film shows how an indigenous community has been affected due to white migrators, invaders, loggers, and the influence of Western society.

Group Members: Hannah Thorpe

Examining Intersectional Identities Through Film in Brazil and the US

Description: In this podcast, I look at the films Moonlight and Sócrates as a way of comparing queer experiences in two countries.

Group Members: John Stropes

Neon Bull

Description: Discussing writer/director Gabriel Mascaro’s artistic commentary on socioeconomic mobility and combating gender norms through Brazil’s rodeo sport of Vaquejada.

Group Members: Kendall Clair Frank

A vida dele foi uma Peça

Description: Overview of Paulo Gustavo’s work and achievements in the brazilian film industry

Group Members: Livia Arcanjo

Made in Honorio

Description: A podcast exploring the Brazilian documentary centered around women empowerment, funk, and Brazilian pop culture.

Group Members: Livia Klechefski

Walter Salles

Description: Discussion of the works and influence of Brazilian film director, Walter Salles, onto Brazil’s culture and society.

Group Members: Naomi Esquivel Zavala

The Way He Looks (2014)

Description: My podcast discusses both the disability and queer representation in this film and its themes that make it a film for anyone to relate to. (Just a comment- as an abled person, I feel as though it is important for me to recognize my privilege as such. I have tried to include the voices and opinions of disabled people in regards to their representation in media, as I did not want to speak over this community in any way.)

Group Members: Nico Molek

Boca Do Lixo: Trash Cinema

Description: A podcast exploring the genre born in the midst of a military dictatorship. Boca Do Lixo or Trash Mouth cinema and what it means to the people.

Group Members: Rowan Bradley

“The Brazilian Bombshell” aka Sonia Braga

Description: Getting to know one of the most well-known Brazilian actors today, a brief biographical podcast on actor Sonia Braga.

Group Members: Sadie Martin

Tropa de Elite

Description: The theme of my podcast is the police brutality that has been occurring in Rio and how this film highlights this theme.

Group Members: Sam Balistreri


Description: This Brazilian film follows the story of Sócrates, a 15-year-old from Santos in São Paulo struggling to find his place in the world against all the obstacles he faces as a young, Black, gay Brazilian.

Group Members: Tasneem Badani

Fall 2021: The Visual Arts of the Lusophone World

The current selection of podcasts are the creative result of the research and production developed by the Portuguese 360 students during the Fall 2021 semester.

These podcasts are focused on exploring different dimensions of the Lusophone World’s visual arts, its multiple societies and cultures, collective memory, and both independent and shared history. Students-authors analyzed different and amazing stories about sculpture and history in Braga, street art in Covilhã, Cape Verde and Brazil, architecture, monuments, and visual arts in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the traditions, gender roles and costumes of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval festivities.


A Walk Through Covilhã

Description: We discuss the city of Covilha and the influential WOOL Urban Art Festival. We look into the city’s history, the festival’s history, and the festival’s impact on the city.

Group Members: Vanessa Goltz, Naomi Esquivel, Levi Montee

Galeria de Céu Aberto

Description: In Galeria de Céu Aberto we delve into the history of street art, particularly graffiti, in Brazil, its importance to social and political causes, and how it was used as a tool for protesting the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Group Members: Alma Martínez, Tasneem Badani, Brytanny Solis

Fountain of the Idol

Description: A personal look at some of the potential meanings of the Fountain of the Idol in Braga.

Group Members: Jun Wilkinson

Talking through Brazilian Carnival!

Description: Brief dive into carnival and the cultural significance of their attire.

Group Members: Miguel Varela, John Aponte, Courtney Olson


Description: We discuss Rio de Janeiro’s architecture, murals, and street art. All three of us have been to Rio and we wanted to share our experiences.

Group Members: Livia Klechefski, Livia Arcanjo, Dani Steiner

The Art World History Podcast: Cape Verdean Street Art

Description: The Art World History Podcast is a series that examines world history through the lens of art. In this podcast episode, we examine the influences of Cape Verdean art in Cape Verde and Portugal.

Group Members: Dwayne Sparks, Angelina Giacomin