Portuguese 699 Podcasts

These podcasts are focused on the different dimensions of the Portuguese language and literature, and the Lusophone World’s societies and cultures. The texts will be available at O Canto do Mar 6, Spring 2022.

Portuguese 699

Portuguese 360 Podcasts

These podcasts are focused on exploring different dimensions of the Lusophone World’s visual arts, its multiple societies and cultures, collective memory, and both independent and shared history. Students-authors analyzed different and amazing stories about sculpture and history in Braga, street art in Covilhã, Cape Verde and Brazil, architecture, monuments, and visual arts in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the traditions, gender roles and costumes of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval festivities.

Portuguese 360

Portuguese 204 Podcasts

The current selection of podcasts is the result of the research and production in Portuguese language developed by the Portuguese 204 students during the Spring 2022 semester. These podcasts are focused on the idea of travel, exploring the cultural travels and leisure travels.

Portuguese 204