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1a Books and Monographs

 1.     “Wicking in Porous Materials: Traditional and Modern Modeling Approaches,” edited by Reza Masoodi[1] and Krishna.M. Pillai, CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-43-987432-5, Oct 2012.

 Chapters contributed in the book (4 out of 12):

a.     “Introduction to Wicking in Porous Media,” R. Masoodi and K.M. Pillai, pages 1-12.

b.     “Traditional Theories of Wicking: Capillary Models,” R. Masoodi and K.M. Pillai, pages 31-53.

c.     “An Introduction to Modeling Flows in Porous Media,” K. M. Pillai and K. Hooman, pages 55-95.

d.     “Single-Phase Flow (Sharp-Interface) Models for Wicking,” R. Masoodi and K.M. Pillai, pages 97-129.

 2.     “Flow and Transport in Porous Media, An Introduction,” Krishna M. Pillai and M. Quintard, manuscript under preparation, a few chapters and appendices finished, used as class notes in ME 707 (Transport in Porous Media).

1b Book Chapters


  1. “Wicking of Liquids under Non-Isothermal and Reactive Conditions: Some Industrial Applications,” M.A.F. Zarandi and Krishna M. Pillai, in Convection Heat Transfer in Porous Media, edited by Yasser Mahmoudi, Kamel Hooman and Kambiz Vafai, CRC Press, ISBN-13:978-0-367-03080-3, Nov 2019.
  2. “Green composites made from cellulose nanofibers and bio-based epoxy: processing, performance and applications,” Bamdad Barari and Krishna M. Pillai, in Natural Fibre-reinforced Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Polymer Composites, edited by Alan Lau, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780081006566, expected date: Sep 2017.
  3. “Characterization and Processing of Nanocellulose Thermosetting Composites,” Ronald C. Sabo, Rani F. El-Hajjar, Craig M. Clemons, Krishna M. Pillai, in Handbook of Polymer Nanocomposites. Processing, Performance, and Applications, edited by Jitendra K. Pandey, Hitoshi Takagi, Antonio N. Nakagaito and Hyun-Joong Kim, pp. 265-295, published in the Series on Polymer Nanocomposites (Volume C) by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-642-45231-4, 2014.
  4. “Advanced Processing Techniques for Composite Materials for Structural Applications,” Rani El-Hajjar, Hua Tan and K.M. Pillai, Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering, edited by N. Uddin, Woodhead Publishing Limited, ISBN 978-0-85709-234-2, 2013.
  5. “Modeling the Processing of Natural Fiber Composites made using Liquid Composites Molding,” R. Masoodi and K.M. Pillai, Handbook of Bioplastics and Biocomposites, Engineering Applications, edited by Dr. Srikanth Pilla, Publisher: Wiley-Scrivener, ISBN 978 0-470-62607-8, 2011.
  6. “Processing Polymer Matrix Composites for Blast Protection,” Hua Tan and Krishna M. Pillai, in Blast protection of civil infrastructures and vehicles using composites, edited by N. Uddin, Woodhead Publishing Limited and CRC Press LLC,  CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-4398-2771-0, 2010.

2a Recent Scholarly Publications in Refereed Journals

  1. “Modeling moisture infusion in ceramic using Richards equation: Experimental and analytical validations, and exploration of three time-dependent wetting scenarios,” A.B.M.R. Hasan, K.M. Pillai, F. Zemajtis, and K. Sobolev, Ceramics International, Sep 30, 2023
  2.  “From superhydrophilicity to superhydrophobicity: high-resolution neutron imaging and modeling of water imbibition through porous surfaces treated with engineered nano-coatings,” F. Zemajtis, A.B.M.R. Hasan, O. Yetik, P. Trtik, K.M. Pillai and K. Sobolev, Scientific Reports (Nature Portfolio,, 13:11176, 2023.
  3. “Estimating the permeability of a porous ceramic tile,” A.B.M.R. Hasan, K.M. Pillai, P. Mobadersani, F. Zemajtis and K. Sobolev, International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE, ISSN: 2394-2827), v 10, issue 1, Feb 2023.
  4. “Numerical Simulation on Thermal Stresses and Solidification Microstructure for Making Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites,” Chenyang Xing, Reihaneh Etemadi, Krishna M Pillai, Qian Wang, and Bo Wang, Materials, v 15, p 4166, 2022.
  5. “Investigating liquid-fronts during spontaneous imbibition of liquids in industrial wicks. Part II: Validation by DNS,” Amin Zarandi, K.M. Pillai, and Abul Borkot Hasan, AIChE Journal, accepted for publication on May 31, 2022.
  6. “A Validation of Whitaker’s Closure Formulation Based Method for Estimating Flow Permeability in Anisotropic Porous Media,” A. Raizada, K.M. Pillai and P. Ghosh, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, v 156, May 2022.
  7. “Influence of Pore-Network Microstructure on the Isothermal-Drying Performance of Porous Media,” Zhenyu Xu and Krishna M Pillai, Drying Technology, Dec 2021.
  8. “Erratum to Measurement of Principal Permeability with the Channel Flow Experiment”, A. Raizada and Krishna M. Pillai, Polymer Composites, Oct 13, 2021.
  9. “Investigating liquid-fronts during spontaneous imbibition of liquids in industrial wicks. Part I: Experimental studies,” Amin Zarandi and K.M. Pillai, AIChE Journal, May 17, 2021.
  10. “Modeling Transport and Adsorption of Arsenic Ions in Iron-Oxide Laden
    Porous Media. Part I: Theoretical Developments,” Krishna M Pillai and A. Raizada, invited paper, Water202113(6), 779, 13 Mar 2021.
  11. “A pore-network study on the factors influencing the isothermal drying of single- & dual-scale porous media,” Zhenyu Xu and K.M. Pillai, Drying Technology, published online: 28 March 2020.
  12. “Towards developing a low-cost gravity-driven arsenic filtration system using iron oxide nanoparticle-loaded PU Foam,” A. Pillai, M.A.F. Zarandi, F. Hussein, K. Pillai, N. Abu-Zahra, Water Quality Research Journal, 55(3), pp 234-248, Aug 1, 2020.
  13. “A new efficient mass-exchange closure for modeling unsaturated flows and mass-transport processes in thin porous media,” A. Kaffel, K. Pillai, J. Feldkamp, T. Tower, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, v 140, pp 1055-1073, Sep 2019.
  14. “Longitudinal and Transverse Flows in Fiber Tows: Evaluation of Theoretical Permeability Models through Numerical Predictions and Experimental Measurements,” M.A.F. Zarandi, S. Arroyo, K.M. Pillai, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, v 119, pp 73-87, April 2019.
  15. “Fast and Inexpensive 2D-Micrograph based method of Permeability Estimation through Micro-Macro Coupling in Porous Media,” B. Barari, S. Beyhaghi, K.M. Pillai, Journal of Porous Media, v 22, n 7, pp 831-849, 2019.
  16. “Flow Along and Across Glass-Fiber Wicks: Testing of Permeability Models through Experiments and Simulations,” M.A.F. Zarandi, K.M. Pillai, B. Barari, AIChE Journal, v 64, n 9, pp 3491-3501, Sep 2018.
  17. “A Novel Method for Permeability Estimation from Micro-Tomographic Images,” S. Paul, S. Roy, P. Ghosh, M.A.F. Zarandi, T. Cender, K.M. Pillai, Transport in Porous Media, v 122, n 3, April 2018.
  18. “Spontaneous Imbibition of Liquids in Glass-Fiber Wicks. Part 1: Usefulness of a Sharp-Front Approach,” M.A.F. Zarandi, K.M. Pillai, A.S. Kimmel, AIChE Journal, 63: 294-305, 2018.
  19. “Spontaneous Imbibition of Liquid in Glass fiber Wicks, Part II: Validation of a Diffuse-front Model,” A.F. Zarandi and K.M. Pillai, AIChE Journal, 64: 306–315, 2018.
  20. “Pressure Infiltration Process to Synthesize Metal Matrix Composites- A Review of Metal Matrix Composites, the Technology and Process Simulation,” R. Etemadi, B. Wang, K.M. Pillai, B. Niroumand, E. Omrani and P. Rohatgi, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, v 33, issue 12, pp 1261-1290, 2018.