Ahmed Kaffel

Dr. Ahmed Kaffel received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics in 2011 from the Mathematics Department of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with Professor Michael Renardy as his advisor. His background and work are in the area of applied Mathematics like scientific computing, mathematical modeling, fluid mechanics, differential equations, and numerical analysis. He taught for several years various courses in applied Mathematics like Numerical analysis, Finite Mathematics, differential equations, and Calculus courses at Virginia Tech and at PSU University. His research activity is best summarized as the development of novel numerical methods which are then used, along with classical tools of applied mathematics, to solve physical problems of current interest in fluid mechanics. He focused on the development and the analysis of computational tools for mathematical modeling of the stability of the shear flows and their transition to turbulence and for describing the numerical simulations. Subsequently after his PhD, his recent interests at the University of Maryland lie in the development of methods for perturbation analysis of interfacial instability in multiphase flow and higher order numerical methods for quantifying the long-term nonlinear evolution of unstable flow structures. Specically, the stability problem of a viscous two-layer annular flow in microchannels is studied to quantify unstable wave patterns with respect to the fluid dynamic mechanisms.
Recently, Dr. Kaffel joined the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, to work on one industrial project, for modeling the wicking  problem in thin absorbent swelling porous media, in collaboration with Kimberly-Clark Co., Wisconsin.