Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery

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Currently UWM cares for individuals from the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery who were disinterred in two separate time frames (1991–1992 cohort and 2013 cohort) in advance of development projects and as provided for by Wisconsin Statute §157.70.

UWM is temporarily caring for the 2013 cohort on behalf of the Wisconsin Historical Society, until such time that the Wisconsin Historical Society makes a final disposition decision.

UWM has been providing long term care for the individuals in the 1991 cohort since 2008 through an unfunded agreement with the Wisconsin Historical Society and following the provisions of state burial site regulations (Wis. Stat. §157.70). Through UWM’s ongoing research related to the Milwaukee Poor Farm Cemetery, it has sought to reverse the anonymity and neglect that has characterized the history of this cemetery, fulfilling dual missions of ethical science and social justice for those once interred. In addition to identifying individuals and reuniting them with descendants, the MCPFC Project seeks to tell the stories of the poor of Milwaukee County, a story told through the lens of their bodies and belongings in order to provide the recognition and inclusion denied Milwaukee’s poorest residents in death.

Questions related to the MCPFC should be directed to Jennifer R. Haas at as the community liaison for the project.

Community Liaison:  Dr. Jennifer Haas,
MCPFC Project Director: Dr. Shannon Freire
MCPFC Project Director Emerita: Dr. Patricia Richards

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