Current Students/Alumni

Graduate Students: 

Sara Chopp

52898437_10216813781010239_443819891481378816_n.jpgSara Chopp earned a BA in Communication from UW-Parkside and an MPA from DePaul University. She is working towards her PhD in Educational Psychology, learning and development. Her work focuses on the relationship between moral courage and responsible citizenship; What role does moral courage play in the development of responsible citizenship and positive civic engagement? Sara also works as an instructor of Positive Psychology, as a Research Assistant for the Department of Health Informatics and Administration at UWM, and as a bartender at The Chancery. When she is not working in one of these roles or on her own research, she is spending time with her children, playing outside or grooving to live music.


Vittoria Sipone


Vittoria was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and MFA in Directing from the National Drama Academy. Vittoria’s research focuses on the relationship between theatre and moral development. Because of her interest in informal educational settings, she is also pursuing a Certificate in Museum Studies. Vittoria enjoys reading, horse riding, traveling and annoyingly showing everyone pictures of her cat, Theodora.



Christopher Hovorka