LSSPE students, faculty, and alumni present at 36th Annual AASP Conference

The 36th Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Conference was presented virtually on October 6-9, 2021. Throughout the duration of the conference, Laboratory for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence (LSPPE) students, faculty, and alumni presented workshops, symposiums, panels, lectures, and posters.

LSPPE faculty Dr. Barbara Meyer presented a symposium titled Professionalizing Mentorship: Gatekeeping the Mentor. Within the symposium, the mentorship of both graduate students and professionals was discussed.

LSPPE faculty Dr. Monna Arvinen-Barrow facilitated a panel discussion titled Pulling Back the Curtain: A Panel Discussion on Student Equity and Engagement in the Publication Process. The discussion with student editorial board members focused on the introduction and day-to-day development of the Journal of Advancing Sport Psychology in Research, AASP’s newest publication. In addition, Dr. Arvinen-Barrow facilitated the workshop When the “Playbook” Includes Clefs, Notes, Ties, & Dots: Recommendations for Performance Psychology Professionals Looking to Consult in a Music Domain, alongside LSPPE alumni Dr. Jessica Ford. The workshop provided musician-specific performance enhancement strategies and barriers associated with consulting in music domains.

LSPPE alumnus Dr. Courtney Hess presented a lecture titled Disproportionality & Concussion Management Policy: An Evaluation of Implementation Practices. In the lecture, Dr. Hess, now at Stanford University, discussed and examined the current implementation of sport-related concussion management in schools.

LSPPE doctoral student Derek Zike contributed to the facilitation of the workshop Engaging in Advocacy: A Call from AASP’s Inaugural Advocacy Committee. The workshop detailed the mission of the AASP Advocacy Committee, examined bested practices for advocacy skill building, and provided attendees with suggestions for being changes agents in their environments. In addition, Zike was a recipient of AASP’s 2021 Student Abstract Award.

LSPPE students, faculty, and alumni also contributed to the many high-quality posters presented at the conference.

LSPPE Poster Presentations

Gnacinski, S., & Meyer, B. (October, 2021). Examining the Effect of Mental Health Disorders on Perceived Stress and Recovery among NCAA Student-Athletes.

Murray, L., Ford, J. (October, 2021). Exploring the Coping Mechanisms Utilized by Division III Student-athletes Representing a Single Athletic Conference in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Roberts, V., Braun, L., & Ross-Stewart, L. (October, 2021). The Use of Imagery Assisted Virtual Reality for Pitch Recognition in NCAA Division One Softball.

Vosloo, J., Stilwell, T., Ouellet-Pizer, C., Harenberg, S., Fragnoli, A., Buckman, J., Kozuch-Nash, L. (October, 2021). From Science to Practice: Practical Recommendations for Integrating Mental Performance Assessments into Consulting.

Wahl, C., & Meyer, B. (October, 2021). Development of an Assessment of Recovery Activities for Athletes.

Zike, D., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (October, 2021). Psychosocial Factors Associated with Athlete Adaptation to Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review.