Weather Forecast Showdown: Introduction

Weather forecasts are flashed all over TV, newspapers, the Internet and more. These forecasts are often different and therefore, someone has to be wrong. There are disturbing reports occurring across the United States that some weather forecasters are not giving accurate forecasts.

These most recent events are:

  • Haime Coldman left his house without a jacket and walked to his place of work after seeing a forecasted high of 75 F. A cold front moved through in the afternoon and by the time Haime walked back home, the temperature was 48 F. It took three days for Haime to stop sneezing and coughing.


  • The Heaters minor league baseball game was cancelled in response to a cold and rainy forecast. Shocked fans and players stayed at home and basked in clear skies and warm temperatures.
  • Nomar Grass decided not to water his lawn whenever he saw a forecast for rain the next day. The forecasters were often wrong and there was little rain to be seen. As a result, his lawn was ruined.

These events are becoming more and more frequent and are occurring in new places each week. The Government has stepped in to attempt to solve the problem. The Government believes that the problems are caused by incorrect and biased forecasts made by poor forecasters. It must be discovered who makes the most accurate and unbiased weather forecasts. The morale and health of people and lawns all over the world are at stake.