MATH 098: General Information

Required textbook: Beginning Algebra, Hendricks and Chow, McGraw-Hill, 2013.
Other required materials: A pad of graph paper.
Several sharpened pencils (bring them to every class).
A ruler (for making graphs).
Calculators: NO CALCULATORS will be allowed on exams. You should not use a calculator when doing homework.
Prof. Kahl’s office hours: Office hours will be held after class every day, 11:20am – 12:15pm, in the classroom. If no students stay for the office hours, I will return to my office.
  • Four exams: 22.5% each.
    • The final exam is not cumulative.
    • Make-up exams will only be given with a signed medical excuse.
  • Attendance: 10%.
    • Attendance is taken at the beginning of class.
    • Any student who misses more than four classes will not receive a grade higher than C-. This is not enough to satisfy the requirement for entrance into the next math course.
  • Homework: not graded, but absolutely essential for success.
  • There is no extra credit.
Recipe for success:
  1. Read the assigned textbook sections before the lecture.
    • When reading, have pencil, paper and graph paper handy.
    • Solve all textbook examples.
    • The lectures closely follow the textbook presentation. If you don’t fully understand something in the textbook, it will likely become clearer when presented in class.
  2. Attempt at least some of the assigned homework problems before class.
  3. Do not miss class! One session of this summer class is equivalent to about one week of a normal semester class.
  4. Talk to me after class if you don’t understand something.
UWM academic misconduct policy:
Additional information:
  • Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a disability that requires special accommodation.
  • Cell phones/pagers must be turned off during class.
  • Texting is not allowed during class.
  • Headphones may not be worn during class.
Drop/add deadlines: