Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi – Director

Dr. Rohatgi is a State of Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor,
Director and Founder of the UWM Center for Composites Material and UWM Center for Advanced Materials Manufacturing. His work has helped develop world leadership in lightweight materials for civilian and military transportation systems.  He has received over 10 million dollars in research funding for UWM. Dr. Rohatgi has supervised research for a large number of Master’s and Doctorate Students, and Postdoctoral fellows, on topics related to materials for transportation systems. He has also provided consulting services to industries who are manufacturing lightweight materials for transportation.  

Office Telephone: (414) 229‑4987       
Fax: (414) 229-6958 

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Ajay Kumar







Dr. Ajay Kumar is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the College of Engineering and Applied Science, working in the area of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites, Advanced Surface Alloying to Improve Corrosion Resistance of Components Used in the Water Industry, Novel Surface Microstructure and Low-Cost Surface Treatments to Reduce Drag, Energy Consumption, and Corrosion in Water Transport Systems and Waste Materials Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites for Reducing Embodied Energy and Emissions.


Dr. Kumar’s Google Site

Graduate Students

Swaroop Behera








Swaroop Behera’s PhD dissertation is focused on exploring the effect of micro structure on wetting and corrosion behaviors of various alloy systems. He teaches the Engineering Materials lab which is a prerequisite for all engineering students and manages the UWM Foundry.


Kaustubh Rane







Kaustubh Rane’s research pertains to adhesion properties, quantification of hardness and analysis of residual stresses in surface alloyed layers. He is also working on techniques to reduce scum deposition in sludge treatment plants and odor reduction using Titania as an oxidizing agent.