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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Foundry and Solidification Processing Laboratory is a small-scale foundry that provides students with hands-on training in foundry processing techniques and research. These students, while working within the lab, are a part of cutting edge research in foundry technology to provide new materials and processes for foundry industries.  

Foundry and Solidification Processing Laboratory 

The Foundry and Solidification Processing Lab at UWM’s current research includes the solidification modeling and pouring, feeding, heat and fluid flow, predicting solidification sequence and structure properties, and interactions between electromagnetic wave and solid or liquid metals, and many other areas. The lab is also working on developing new solidification processes and novel casting techniques, metal matrix micro and nano particle composites, and metal matrix-carbon nano particle and nanotube composites. 


Milwaukee has one of the largest concentrations of foundries in the United States. The foundry education program at UWM has been accredited by the Foundry Education Foundation (FEF). Through the support of the FEF, the Foundry and Solidification Lab is a source of well-trained engineers in foundry-related industries, especially in Wisconsin.



Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi