Live Streaming Symposium

The Serious Play/Digital Cultures Collaboratory is hosting a Live Streaming Symposium on April 17-18, featuring online presentations of and about streaming of video gameplay and other performative activities, in and out of the academy. The event will feature streamers from around the U.S. and will coordinate with a parallel event in Jyvaskyla, Finland.

As we all face a global pandemic that prohibits us from sharing physical space, virtual environments and digital live communication have kept communities connected. As we shift into increasingly online or distant labor and communication, live streaming has become a hub for sharing, generating, and sustaining cultures of play and performance. With this wide potential for critical discourse about live streaming in mind, the Digital Cultures Collaboratory is certain of the importance of this event.

The Symposium will feature presentations of approximately 40 minutes using livestreamed on Twitch via Discord to combine the live streaming of gameplay or other performative activities with commentary, reflection, or instruction. Presentations must be recorded and may also be performed live at the event. They may involve multiple participants.

Tentative schedule:
April 17 – University of Jyvaskyla presents virtually via Twitch 10am-2pm CST

April 18 – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee presents virtually via Twitch 12pm-4pm CST