Prevention and cure strategies for cancer and cardiovascular diseases with pushing the boundaries of

biology, biomaterials, mechanics, and fluid dynamics


In Mechanobiology and Vascular Biomechanics lab, Dr. Dabagh’s group seek to develop innovative precision strategies for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer patients and patients suffering from main vascular diseases. The group develops sophisticated multiscale, personalized computational models to discover fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the diseases progression. Empowering multiscale models of full organ and arterial tree enable them to study the influence of local diseases on global human health. Our findings will assist medical decision makers in just in-time interventions and the delivery of precision targeted-therapies.











Our work is expected to advance treatment strategies, leading to saving millions of lives and millions of dollars in health care costs. Ultimately, our research will significantly increase the ability of clinicians to conduct fast examinations by narrowing down the search area and thus improving early diagnosis of disease progression. By reducing the burden on the healthcare system by more precise assessment of health risk.