June 2024. Morgan’s defense day!


CEAS Poster Competition 2024!


March 2024, UWM animal Center. Pilhwan, Andrea, Jon, and Radhika conducting in vivo experiments.


CEAS Grand Opening Research Suites, November 2nd, 2023


10/13/2023—–From Left: Pilhwan Kim, Ashlyn Naiya Terasaki, Morgan Suzanne Connaughton, Andrea Alonso, Erik Robert Hansen, Reza Bozorgpour, John Quinn

10/13/2023—–From Left: Andrea Alonso, Ashlyn Naiya Terasaki, Morgan Suzanne Connaughton


BMES 2023, Nathanael Earl Sovitzky



June 30th, 2023. After Pushayn Jhaveri’s defense!

From Left:  Morgan Suzanne Connaughton, Nathanael Earl Sovitzky, Pushyan Jhaveri, Pilhwan Kim, Erik Robert Hansen, Reza Bozorgpour, Riju Dey, John Quinn

BMES 2022 with Kelly, Morgan, and Pushyan.


Celebrating summer and two recently accepted journal articles. Congrats Morgan and Alessandra!

From left: Radhika, Pushyan, Nathanael, and Morgan. June 2022

Morgan and Alessandra.

                                       Morgan Suzanne Connaughton wins “Outstanding Presentation Award” at 2022                                                      UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congrats Morgan!


From left: Alessandra, Arwa, Andrea, Morgan, and Pushyan. October 2021!


From left: Adeda, Mohanad, Sam. December 2019!