Born on August 6, 1945, BS in Chemistry with Honors, West Virginia University, 1963-1967; PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1968-1971 with Professor Philip LeQuesne; Thesis Title: I. Alkaloidal N-Oxides in Hallucinogenic Drugs. II. Studies on the Alkaloids of Alstonia muelleriana Domin.” Postdoctoral Appointment: “Synthesis of the Antitumor, Vinca Alkaloids,” University of British Columbia, 1972-1973 with Professor James P. Kutney.

Positions Held

Laboratory Technician, Fikes Chemicals, Nitro, W. Va., l964-1965; Supervisor of Research Laboratory and Pilot Plant, Fikes Chemicals, Summer 1965-1966; Plant Foreman, Thiourea Production, Fikes Chemicals, Nitro, West Virginia, Summer, l967, Mr. Elmer Fike, President; Graduate Student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, l968-1971; NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia, 1972-1973; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, UW-Milwaukee, September 1973-1979; Associate Professor of Chemistry, UW-Milwaukee, September 1979-1986; Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1986-present; Chair, Department of Chemistry, 1996-1999. University Distinguished Professor, 2002-present.