The Wishing Well

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NW Corner of 2nd Floor, Elsewhere Artists Collaborative

With thoughts of houses falling down and rainstorms and sunlight and plants growing back over it all, Cynthia Brinich-Langlois went to Elsewhere. The roof had leaked water, and as it trickled down the walls and through the floors and ceilings, it collected. More and more water from thunderstorms, drizzles, and light spring showers dripped through the building. As the water dripped through the building, it changed, and where it collected, it became something entirely new. She found a place where the water had rotted out the floor. The windows were broken, the ceiling had fallen down. She swept up the ceiling and tore up the floor. Sandwiched between the floorboards of the second floor and the ceiling of the first, she uncovered a wishing well. Something about the building, maybe the almost infinite possibilities contained within it, had transformed the water from all those rainstorms into something magical. She built a bridge over the sparkling colored water, and you can make wishes as long as there are buttons in the gumball machine.

The Wishing Well was a semi-permanent installation produced during an artist residency in the summer of 2007 at Elsewhere Artists Collaborative.


installation view from below




video documentation of installation

view of wall inside the room


glass for the wishes


view of windows with kudzu in planter box; catwalk visible


view of gate with lamps