Aging Research & Digital Technologies (ARDT) lab brings together researchers from various fields and disciplines to understand how digital technologies can be used to support the physical, mental and social health of the aging population. We develop and evaluate the impact of new digital apps and platforms that would allow for proactive aging – i.e., learning to self-care, connect with others and advocate for themselves. 

Designing digital technologies for the elderly requires a multi-disciplinary approach and we draw from the fields of Gerontology, Geriatrics, Engineering, Nursing, and Social -behavioral sciences. We have research expertise in the areas of app development, digital platform design, AI and machine learning, data analytics, communication, nutrition, nursing, social work, gerontology, geriatrics and medicine.

ARDT lab also aims to bring ‘digital equity’ in the area of home and community based health, and we focus on comprehensive, integrative and healing technologies.  Older adults often face digital exclusion as many technology companies and app developers have limited understanding of the unique needs of this population and believe that this population is not tech savvy.