Chaos: From Theory to Applications

While many books have been written on chaos, this unique work bridges the gap between theory and application to help both scientists and students use the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems in their own field of research. Including numerous examples, the volume will serve as a text for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate course, as well as a reference source for the researcher.

Singular Spectrum Analysis: A New Tool in Time Series Analysis

This original new text provides an easily accessible introduction to this important new topic in time series analysis. The authors emphasize examples over theoretical explanations and the need for proper and careful statistical tests in the context of data exploration. The book’s focus is on the application of the method in signal detection, filtering, and prediction. Instructors and students will appreciate the step-by-step presentation of underlying ideas.

An Introduction to Atmospheric Thermodynamics 2nd edition

This is a self-contained, concise, rigorous book introducing the reader to the basics of atmospheric thermodynamics, and the author is a highly respected researcher in this field. This new edition has been brought completely up to date and reorganized to improve the quality and flow of the material. Each chapter contains worked examples and student exercises, making this an ideal text for short undergraduate courses taken as part of an atmospheric science, meteorology, physics or natural science program. Solutions available to lecturers.

Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences

Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences is comprised of the proceedings of “20 Years of Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences”, held June 11-16, 2006 in Rhodes, Greece as part of the Aegean Conferences. The volume brings together the most up-to-date research from the atmospheric sciences, hydrology, geology, and other areas of geosciences, and discusses the advances made in the last two decades and the future directions of nonlinear dynamics. Topics covered include predictability, ensemble prediction, nonlinear prediction, nonlinear time series analysis, low-dimensional chaos, nonlinear modeling, fractals and multifractals, bifurcation, complex networks, self-organized criticality, extreme events, and other aspects of nonlinear science.

RANDOMNICITY: Rules and Randomness in the Realm of the Infinite

This unique book explores the definition, sources and role of randomness. A joyful discussion with many non-mathematical and mathematical examples leads to the identification of three sources of randomness: randomness due to irreversibility which inhibits us from extracting whatever rules may underlie a process, randomness due to our inability to have infinite power (chaos), and randomness due to many interacting systems. Here, all sources are found to have something in common: infinity. The discussion then moves to the physical system (our universe).Through the quantum mechanical character of small scales, the second law of thermodynamics and chaos, randomness is shown to be an intrinsic property of nature – this is consistent with the three sources of randomness identified above. Finally, an explanation is given as to why rules and randomness cannot exist by themselves, but instead have to coexist. Many examples are presented, ranging from pure mathematical to natural and social processes, that clearly demonstrate how the combination of rules and randomness produces the world we live in.

Kyra Frossini

A translation into English of the epic Greek poem “Kyra Frossini” by Aristotelis Valaoritis

Weather Stricken

A new kind of textbook written to read like a novel while presenting the science with historic facts and with everyday examples.


A mathematical novel with a thriller twist. A father and his daughter get into a car accident, and one of them dies. But who lives and who dies becomes relative and determined by a physical theory that will eventually unite them. In a unique way…

Advances in Nonlinear Geosciences

Advances in Nonlinear Geosciences is a set of contributions from the participants of “30 Years of Nonlinear Dynamics” held July 3-8, 2016 in Rhodes, Greece as part of the Aegean Conferences, as well as from several other experts in the field who could not attend the meeting. The volume brings together up-to-date research from the atmospheric sciences, hydrology, geology, and other areas of geosciences and presents the new advances made in the last 10 years. Topics include chaos synchronization, topological data analysis, new insights on fractals, multifractals and stochasticity, climate dynamics, extreme events, complexity, and causality, among other topics.

Aristotle’s Weather

A discussion on the insights of Aristotle on weather 2,500 years ago. 

Free download of Aristotle’s Weather (PDF)

Cover of Scars


A blend of prose/poetry, math, physics, and art. In press.